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The help files in different languages can be downloaded here.

Note:  is you  can read english you should prefer the english help that has been installed with Mobile Master, because the other help files are not up to date.

Please copy the .chm file into the directory in which Mobile Master is installed (e.g. C:\Programs\Mobile Master).

» Help File German mmde.chm  (21.04.2010 ca.1800 kB)

» Help File Englisch mmen.chm  (21.04.2010, ca. 1300 kB)

» Help File French mmfr.chm  (21.04.2010, ca. 800 kB)

» Help File Spanish mmes.chm  (21.04.2010, ca. 800 kB)

» Help File Italien mmit.chm  (21.04.2010, ca. 800 kB)

» Help File Portuguese mmpt.chm  (21.04.2010, ca. 800 kB)

» Help File Dutch mmnl.chm  (21.04.2010, ca. 900 kB)














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