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Shortcuts and tricks for Sony Ericsson Handys

Shortcuts in the menus:

You can directly open the n-th menu item by pressing the key 1-9, e.g. to open the 4th menu item, just press 4.

In the main menu (only when displayed as grid, which is the default), the grid layout is the layout for the keys. E.g. for the item at the top left press '1', for the settings (bottom right) press #.

To changed the phones language e.g. you can press: menu # 3 1.

Navigation in the calendar:

Key Function
1 previous week
3 next week
4 previous month
6 next month
7 previous year
9 next year

The keys above can be used in the month and week view.

Service Menu

In the standby screen press this key sequence:


with < and > are left and right of the joystick and * is *.


Swap first and last name in the address book/sort by last or first name:

Got to the address book and select: Options->More->Advanced->Sort order:
Here you can select by first or by last name.


Keys Function
0# Show call history
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