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With Mobile Master you can use drag-and-drop in a handy browser display to import iTunes playlists easily into your mobile phone or to synchronize individual iTunes songs and playlists with music phones (Walkman mobile phones): as soon as the mobile phone is connected, the personal music collection on the phone is updated1.

Winamp play lists can be transferred to any mobile phone with an mp3 player; synchronization is currently not supported.

Naturally, photos can also be copied from mobile phone to the computer.



  • Copy photos from mobile phone to PC
  • Copy/export music files to your mobile phone1
  • Copy/export play lists to your mobile phone1
  • Synchronize iTunes play lists and music on your mobile phone1
  • Edit play lists1
  • Manage and install Java programs on your mobile phone (only available for Sony Ericsson phones)

1 This is not supported for all mobile phones. Please check the Details provided for the respective phone.

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