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Codes working with most of cell phones

These code should work with most cell phones. Some may not be usable depending on the provider.

Code Function
press 1 for longer than aone second Dial mailbox number (mailbox number must bve specified in the settings)
press # for longer than one seconds Activate/deactivate silent profile
*#06# Display the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
#31#[number][dial] Dial with own number being not displayed (replace [number] with the number to dial)
*31#[number][dial] Dial with own number being dispalyed (replace [number] with the number to dial)
*#33*[dial] Show status call locks
*43#[dial] Turn on tall waiting
#43#[dial] Turn off call waiting
*#43#[dial] Show status of call waiting
*135#[dia] Request own number (often does not work)
**04*[old Pin]*[new Pin]*[new Pin]# Change Pin (do not enter [ and ])
**05*[PUK]*[neue Pin]*[neue Pin]# Unlock Pin (do not enter [ and ])
**042*[old Pin2]*[new Pin2]*[new Pin2]# Change Pin2 (do not enter [ and ])
**052*[PUK]*[new Pin2]*[new Pin2]# Unlock Pin2 (do not enter [ and ])
*#0000# Display Software Version (Nokia and Samsung devices)

Codes for charges:

Codes Function
*100#[Dial] Request number and balance (Prepaid)
*101#[Dial] Request number and balance (Prepaid)


Send SMS delayed:

Enter at the start of the SMS the text
*Later [seconds]#
and replace [secconds] with a number e.g. 10 for 10 seconds
*Later 30#Hello see you soon

Do not forget the space between later and the seconds!
This does not work with all providers.

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