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You can conveniently type up SMS messages on your PC and send them by mobile phone.

Send SMS on your PC

  • Create and send new SMS messages
  • Manage SMS's in folders
  • Create templates with frequently used texts

Laod SMS from the phone to your computer

  • Laod all SMS's from the phone and SIM card to your PC
  • Copy all messages into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Define rules to move received SMS messages automatically into the desired sub-folders
  • Send SMS's
  • Archive SMS's
  • Display conversations with individual persons
  • Define and insert text modules
  • SMS's up to 760 characters in length are supported

Send and manage SMS's with Outlook:

With the program SMS Servant, you can receive, write, and send SMS's in Outlook just like an email. SMS Servant is included in the Mobile Master installation, but is subject to a separate license. You can order SMS Servant on the Order Form.

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