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More features:

  • Profiles:
    Easily manage severla phones with profiles.

  • Analyzer & Configurator:
    Shows details about your phone, e.g. serial numbers, date and time, call divertions, alarms, etc. So settings can be changed.

  • Call lists:
    Display the call lists.

  • Remote control
    Remote control your computer with your phone connected e.g. via Blueooth, e.g. to control the Windows Media player, WinAmp, iTunes, Power DVD. Keys can be configured for other applications as well.
    Navigate through the phones menus and type text with the computers keyboard.
    This is only available for Sony Ericsson phones.

  • Remote type
    Navigate through the phones menu and type text with your computers keyboad
    This is only available for Sony Ericsson phones.

  • Call
    Let Mobile Master dial the desired number. Incoming calls are displayed in Mobile Master.

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