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Synchronize with Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning

Supported are Mozilla Thunderbird 2/3 and Lightning

Synchronize contacts

  • Thunderbird Portable is supported (If the setup wizard find Thunderbird Portable on a USB Stick, it asks whether to use this or not.
  • You can select one or multiple contact folders that shall be synchronized.
  • Filter: you can define filter for all or for each folder, e.g. to synchronize only contacts with the category 'VIP' or exclude all contacts wih the category 'nosync'.
  • 2 way synchronization (from and to phone/Thunderbird)
  • The fields of the AddIn 'MoreFunctionsForAddressBook' is supported

Synchronize organizer (Lightning)

  • You can select one or multiple calendars that shall be synchronized.
  • Supported are:
    - Standard calendar (Synchronization only form the calendar to the phone)
    - Calendar in ics-files
    - Google calendar that are added wiht the AddOn 'Provider for Google Calendar'
    - Birhtdays of the contacts (with the AddOn 'ThunderBirthDay)
  • Support for recurring appointments: daily weekly, monthly, yearly and such every 3rd Thursday each month.


  • AddIn for Thunderbird:
    Start a Synchronization from the Thunderbird address book via a menu or a button.
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