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Tranfer contacts from your old phone to your iPad


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With Mobile Master Copy Station you can now easily tranfser your contacts to your new iPad.

Select source: old cell phone, file or Nokia PC or OVI Suite

Import contacts

Send contacts by email to your iPad





  • Your old phone
  • A file: VCard (vcf), csv, txt, , ics, vcs, Nokia Backup file (nbu)
  • Nokia PC / OVI Suite

Load the data from your old handset:

  • Check if your phone is in the list of supported devices.
  • If not, Mobile Master is able ot load the data from most Nokia phones and from many Samsung phones.
  • If not or it is not possible to conect the phone with your computer, on many handyset you can save or export the contacts to a VCard (vcf) file, which then Mobile Master Copy Station can read in and transfer it to the new phone.

Laod data from the Nokia PC / OVI Suite

  • Mobile Master Copy Station can import the data directly from an installed Nokia OVI / PC Suite. If you have at least once read in the data (contacts) from the phone with the Nokia PC/OVI Suite, Mobile Master Copy Station can read them in. In case you had more then oone Nokia phone use with the Ovi/PC Suite, the Copy Station shows you a list of the devices for you to chose, what to read in.

Load from a file

  • Mobile Master Copy Station knows many file types and can transfer them to your new smartphone:
    » VCard (vcf) files:
      Including files in unicode and file from the MAC OS.
  • Nokia Backup (nbu) file:
    You have a a backup created with the Nokia PC or OVI Suite, but the Nokia PC or OVI Suite is no longer installed onyour computer? No problem, Mobile Master Copy Station can import the contacts, appointments and todos from the backup file.
  • Siemens Adr file:
    In case you have an old Siemens cell phone and cannot connect it to your computer but you still have an adr file. Mobile Master Copy Station can import thwe contacts from that adr file.
  • Csv file:
    Mobile Master Copy Station can import contacts from csv files, with or without header line. Supported are comma, tab or semicolon separated file, and in unicode.

Transfer the contacts to your iPad

  • The contacts are sent wireless by email to your iPad. At the iPad you just open that email and click/tab at the attachment and you are asked to import the contacts to the iPads address book. For this the iPad must have been setup to receive emails. There is no need to connect the iPad with your computer.

With the Mobile Master Copy Station you transfer / copy / migrate your contacts and address books from your old Nokia cell phone to your iPad, or from a Samsung mobile phone to the iPad, or from a Siemens, Motorola or Sony Ericsson handset to your iPad.

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