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Mobile Master offers several wizards. With them the procedures takes only a few clicks:

  • Copy Station:
    Copy data from one phone to another. » Details.
  • Address book copier (address book converter):
    Copies address books / contacts from one application to another (without any phone required), e.g. from Palm Desktop or Lotus Notes to Thunderbird or Tobit David InfoCenter. Several fileformats such vcs, mab (mozilla address book) and nbu (nokia backup file) are supported as well as vcf-files from the MAC OS. » Details.

  • Swap first and last name:
    Helps you to swap first and last name either in the phone or in Mobile Master .

  • Enter birthdays in the calendar:
    All birthdays from the contacts can be copied to the calender with just one click.



  • Delete data in the phone:
    You want to sell your old phone are give it to someone else. With this wizard you can delete the phone and address books, SMS, appointments and tasks, files. With Sony Ericsson handsets a Master-Reset can be issued - with this factory defaults are restored and all settings and data will be deleted.
  • Reschedule appointments:
    Some appointments needs to be rescheduled or added offest. With this wizard this takes you just a few clicks, e.g. to reschedule all appointments in summer time (day light saving time).

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