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Create a Backup
Create a Backup
Restore a Backup
Restore a Backup

The backup function is a practical way of saving a lot of work: using a Wizard, Mobile Master creates a full backup of all phone data (e.g. address and phone book, Organizer, notes, SMS). This saves the user from having to collect every folder individually for export. Instead, there is a single file of the latest data which can be easily transferred from PC to PC or imported to a new phone.

The following backup options are available:

  • Automatic Backups:
    Mobile Master automatically creates a backup of phone contact and/or Organizer data during every synchronization. This means that you can restore or search an old data set at any time. Backups are automatically stored by data and are thus easily located.
  • Manual Backups:
    Create your own backups of your phones dataa, e.g. address book, Organizer data or notes and browser bookmarks.
  • Transfer Backup from phone to phone:
    You can transfer a backup from one phone to another (in the Light Edition, the restoring of a backup only works on the same phone). Mobile Master even gives you the "Copy Station" function for transferring backups. Transferring data from an old to a new phone, even to a phone from a different manufacturer, is only a matter of minutes with this function.
  • Loading Backups from Third-Party Programs:
    Backups created with other programs, such as e.g. the Nokia PC Suite, can also be loaded by means of the menu File/Import (contacts, appointments).
  • Restoring a Backup:
    Using the date navigation, you can select a backup and reload it. It is also possible to select individual contacts.
  • Searching for a Backup:
    You can easily search all backups, e.g. by name or appointment, and only restore the selected item.

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