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Feature Tour: Nokia nbu files

Import, read Nokia nbu file and convert, copy them

Mobile Master can import the contacts and calendar data from nbu files (Nokia backup files) which have been created with the Nokia PC Suite or Nokia OVI Suite:
a) via menu File -> Import or
b) simply drag & drop the nbu file to Mobile Master


  • Import of the contacts and appointments from Nokia nbu files (menu File -> Import)
  • Or drag & drop the nbu file to Mobile Master

Address book converter:

Copy contacts from a nbu file to
Import contacts

Mobile Master can transfer the contacts from nbu files to e.g.:

  • Outlook (Version 97 or newer)
  • Outlook Express
  • Windows contacts
  • Lotus Notes (Version R5 or newer)
  • Novell Groupwise (Version 7 or newer)
  • Tobit David (V8 or newer)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Palm Desktop

To start the Address book converter:
select menu Tools -> More Wizards -> Address book copier


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