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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions, please read:

1. Software

You can use the Mobile Master for an evaluation period of 30 days. I you want to use the Mobile Master after that evaluation period you have to license it.

You may copy this installation and give it to friends and/or colleagues. But you are not allowed to sell, lend, distribute this installation or any of its components or take any money for it. It is not allowed to distribute the software or its setup file as supplement to any kind of newspaper or magazine. If you want to distribute Mobile Master or any of its files or its setup file please contact us:

You will only get support, if you have ordered a license key for the Mobile Master.

The author of Mobile Master does not take any responsibilities for problems or data loss you may encounter with your PC and/or with your mobile phone. Make always sure you have a backup of your data.
It cannot be guaranteed that the software run without errors.

2. License

Make sure you keep a copy of your license file. The author of Mobile Master is not responsible to keep copies of the license files. Though if the user looses his license, he has no guarantee that he will get a new one for free.

Updates are free for at least one year. After that the current version can be purchased as an update license.

You may use one license on up to 3 computers or laptops of which you are the main user.

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