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You can read what the media has reported on Mobile Master here on the basis of several selected articles:, 10/18/2007
"With Mobile Master Jumping Bytes has delivered a truly excellent synchronization program for a vast number of mobile phone models and Groupware, mail and Organizer programs as well as iTunes/iPod." (full report) [in German], 6/21/2007
"Mobile Master is convincing from start to finish with its excellent range of functions. Its wide-scale support of different Windows communications software deserves special praise. The fact that in addition to Outlook the software also works with Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, Thunderbird, Eudora and other applications will be appreciated by users averse to Microsoft."

PCpro, 2/2007
"Mobile Master is ideal for synchronizing phones with several PCs, in which case the phone ist he data carrier. Users who change phone models every year have all data and appointments immediately on their new phone."
"The bottom line: Helpful Sync Manager that always keeps mobile devices and several desktops up-to-date."

Computer für die Praxis, 5/2007
"Mobile Master 6.7 is an affordable and extremely practical program for all mobile phone users who want to get away from the tiresome input via the phone keypad. Its music functions for use with iTunes are also very convincing."

Chip 9/2007
"Mobile Master is a useful tool for conveniently managing your mobile phone data and exchanging data between PC and mobile phone.", 8/3/2007
"Mobile Master 6.9 Light: Mobile Master is a practical tool for easy management of mobile phone data and for exchanging data between PC and mobile phone.", 7/16/2007
"A file browser provides access to mobile phone content and can copy or synchronize data between mobile phone and PC. The tool automatically searches for devices and finds them reliably."
CHIP Handy&Mobil, 10/2006
"This program gives you a handle on your data: Mobile Master perfectly organizes your mobile phone data from your PC. Regardless of whether these are appointments or addresses. "

CDinfo, 7/2005
"An Add-In provides the ideal integration to MS Office which means mobile phones can be addressed directly from Outlook. And, numerous address book and organizer programs as well as the latest mobile phones are supported. Another handy feature is the SMS Center that moves the management and send functions to the PC keyboard."

CIM, 7/2005
"Mobile phone synchronization for high demands"

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